HSSC aims to provide people with affordable, practical, quality soaps formulated to be gentle for sensitive skin. I would not sell anything I would not purchase for my own family. HSSC strives to be the kind of company people trust and create products people swear by. I will never sell out control of what is made or how it is made and goods are made for me and mine first. The only changes products go through is their own evolution to improve quality and enjoyment. HSSC is a company for the people that take care in what they use for their skin and body. Service will always be provided promptly and with sincerity and kindness. Packaging, filing, and manufacturing are to be as low-waste and sustainable as possible. We strive to use only locally-sourced ingredients and when this is impossible, ingredients are sustainably sourced and fair trade. Advertising will strive to always be as honest as possible and transparency with customers will be standard. To those who have helped HSSC get here I, as always, adore and appreciate your continued and generous patronage. For those who have just found HSSC, I hope to give you the same type of thrill and excitement over my products that I myself and those who have shopped with me for years have experienced.

AN ONLINE ONLY SHOP. I don't have a brick and mortar shop, nor a factory-type place where the soap is made.