All my ingredients are simple and carefully chosen. I try my best to source only local organic ingredients and what few synthetics I do use are of the purest and simplest composition I can provide. Whatever non-local ingredients I use are sustainably sourced and fair trade.

Beef Tallow (Sodium Tallowate)

Tallow is derived from the fat that would otherwise go to waste in meat production and the breakdown of cows into beef. This is done through heat rendering which can be done at home or in plants. I use only EU sourced beef tallow in my recipes for its humane slaughtering practices. Ancients used this for cooking and skincare and in soaping it provides moisture and hardening of the soap as well as stable lather with a creamy feel on the skin.

Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil (Sodium Rapeseedate)

This is a naturally-occurring oil from the rapeseed plant. Related to the canola plant, this plant produces seeds which are cold-pressed right here in Belgium for their golden-yellow oil. Frequently used for deep-frying and cooking, this food-grade oil is carefully cultivated and kept as pure as possible for the best result. In soaping this oil provides moisture.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Sodium Oliviate)

This naturally-occurring oil is derived from the seeds (called pits) of the olive tree fruit. From Italy or Greece, this oil is carefully extracted through cold-pressing and a filtration process to create the purest oil possible. This oil is an ancient part of cooking and skincare and in soaping provides moisture.  

Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil (Sodium Hemp Seedate)

This oil is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. While related to the marijuana plant, hemp contains little to no THC and has been cultivated for its oil and fiber for millennia. Grown on sustainable farms in the EU, hemp oil in soap moisturizes and may help skin with cellular repair.

Cold-Pressed Neem Oil (Sodium Neemate)

Derived from the fruit and seeds of the Azadirachta indica plant, neem oil is used in Ayurveda to stimulate hair growth as well as heal skin issues and abrasions. The neem I purchase is cold-pressed in India from sustainable farms. In soap, it can help with insect repelling and as an insecticide as well as possibly healing skin issues like acne and dandruff or possibly stimulating hair growth.

Steam-Distilled Essential Oils

Essential oils were and still are used extensively in Europe for their healing properties. Steam distilled from various parts of their respective plants, I try to source my oils from Europe or from sustainable sources in the plants' native lands. In soaps they impart a naturally-derived fragrance.

Pthalate-Free Fragrance Oil

These types of fragrances are synthetically created in labs using natural and chemically engineered chemicals. I pride myself on only using fragrance oils approved for use in cosmetics by the EU which are certified pthalate free. In soap they provide a pleasant fragrance and can come in multitudes of scents.

Lab-Cultivated Mica Pigment

Micas are naturally occurring crystalline minerals that add shimmer and shine to cosmetics and bath products. However, naturally-occurring micas contain impurities that could be potentially hazardous like lead, cyanide, and mercury. As such, most cosmetic micas are lab-created for a wide range of color without the toxic elements. In soap they provide color.

Mineral Clay

Mineral clays are natural deposits found near rivers, lakes, and seashores all over the world and can have different healing or skin-loving properties depending on the type. My clays are sustainably mined from various countries around the world. In soap they are used as naturally-occurring colorants.

Plant-Based Colorant

Plant-based colorants are plant powders, purees, extracts, and infusions. I make mine by hand or purchased from health food stores. Some plants like spinach, carrot, blueberries, and goji are touted for their healing properties and labeled as superfoods. In soap these plant colorants are used to color the soap.

A Note on Biodegradable Glitter

I very occasionally use biodegradable glitter in my soaps. This glitter type will break down naturally over time and does not effect the water supply.

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